Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Linkblast - July 27

(Hello, it’s Matt from The Church Of Mothra. Cliff has been sent to a Swiss boarding school for a week or so, and will return played by a teenager.)

  • Is Iraq Safer Today Than It Was Before The Invasion?
Um... no. Not even if you're an American soldier taking a shower in a building cheaply slapped together by Halliburton, it isn't. Thirteen electrocution deaths and counting. And remember... that count doesn't include civilian contractors either. Does suing the bastards embolden the terrorists...?

  • Unreality Television
The next edition of Germany's Big Brother is going to take things to the next level: an entire artificially-assembled town where contestants will " there for years; falling in love, going to school, even getting married." Just like real life, except even phonier!

  • Make Your Own News From The Future!
Build your own diorama of Fox News fans reacting in terror at the upcoming Obama landslide, I hope I hope I hope...

  • Voters Declare "Dark Knight" Best Movie Ever
In other news, The Best Meal Ever was that sandwich I had half an hour ago. Take that, Iron Chefs!

...Finally, a tune for The Aryan Guard, who are willing to pay the damage deposit for any Nazis moving to Calgary, here's Hava Nagila, as performed in a Bollywood film, with subtitles in Hebrew and Russian.



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