Thursday, July 17, 2008

The NDP has been calling for Khadr's return to Canada all along

In response to POGGE's question: Where they've always been. Standing up for justice and human rights.

POGGE promptly updated the post when I provided some examples. Here they are again, and yes they should be on the front page of the NDP homepage:

NDP Human Rights critic Wayne Marston calling for Khadr to be recognized as a child soldier and victim. Here's the video. Here's a Toronto Star article about it.

Here's Joe Comartin doing the same.

Here's the entire NDP caucus calling for his return to Canada.

The virtual media black out the NDP faces has been a long term frustration for Dippers. So the question isn't why isn't the NDP standing up for the rights of a tortured Canadian child soldier languishing in an American gulag - it's why haven't you heard that they have been all along?


Blues Clair said...

Thanks for the links Cliff Almas, How long has this been the NDP's position on Omar Khadr?


Greg said...

Not wanting to put words in POGGE's mouth, I think he means "Where's Jack Layton?"

Cliff said...

Well the open letter is from a year ago - frankly since the NDP has always opposed Guantanamo Bay, always opposed extrajudicial imprisonment and the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan I would say it's never not been their position

Cliff said...

His signature is on the letter calling for Khadr's return to Canada. His assigned critic for human rights issues is being quoted calling for the same.

Troy said...

Poor little Omar; Always a victim. Does he not look so happy in this picture taken from a family photo album. Look at that smile; what mother couldn't love him.

Good thing he has the NDP on his side. Maybe they can join hands and sing 'give peace a chance'

Cliff said...

The source for that photo doesn't identify the boy as Omar Khadr. Let me guess: All Muslims look alike to you.

Blues Clair said...

Thanks for the response Cliff,

In regards to that photo I have a post here with some information. Considering that the photo was taken in 1998 (that would make Omar about 12) I have a hard time believing it is him.

skdadl said...

Why haven't we heard?

Take a look at the NDP site.

When has it occurred to the NDP to do an interview with, eg, Lt-Cmdr Kuebler or Mr Edney or any of the other (very good) lawyers representing Khadr and to publish that on their site? Have they a link to Kuebler's wonderful testimony before the subcommittee, highlighting the shockingly bad interventions of, eg, Jason Kenney? Have they a careful timeline of all the decisions coming down from very conservative U.S. courts as well as the SCC and Justice Mosley that signal that the wheels are coming off the Guantanamo bus?

If Canadian politicians say little day by day, or if they just rabbit on about "compassion," Canadians are going to yawn and ignore. Somebody has to do the hard work and the hard public talking. And so far, that sure hasn't been the NDP.

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