Thursday, July 17, 2008

Standing up for Gitmo

Lawrence Martin in the Globe today, continues the ongoing scolding from the establishment press of Stephen Harper's inexplicable defense of the gulag at Guantanamo Bay. Harper is playing to the base here - and it's an unpleasant base as anyone who ever waded into the comment swamp at The Western Standard's Shotgun blog could tell him.

He's got the redneck vote already and playing to them with his robotic intonation of the same transparently ridiculous line about 'serious charges' and how 'There is a legal process in the United States. He can make his arguments in that process' over and over again simply makes him look ever more Borg like.

At this point the deficiencies of the Gulag show trials at Gitmo barely need repeating. A chief prosecutor who said flat out that the process was designed to produce nothing but convictions, the specific judge in Khadr's case pulled off the case because the Bush administration didn't like his rulings, battle reports re-written after the fact to conceal that Khadr wasn't the only fighter alive when the grenade was thrown, statements derived from the torture of a badly injured child and the fact that at this point the Bush administration is only going through the motions with an extra-judicial process unlikely to out last Bush's less than 200 days in office.

Britain and Australia got their citizens repatriated and they weren't 15 year old child soldiers at the time of their capture.

Steve, isn't about time to stop letting George W. Bush use your mouth as a cock warmer?

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