Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Finally flushing away Rob Anders

The Calgary MP, Calgary West's invisible man who once described Nelson Mandela as a communist terrorist and churlishly refused to stand when he entered parliament may finally be losing his death grip on his riding.
Outspoken, long-serving Alberta member of Parliament Rob Anders is facing a challenge from within his own party in his Calgary West riding.
On Saturday, more than 600 card-carrying Conservative members lined up for more than an hour to get into the annual general meeting of the Calgary West Conservative Party. Among the agenda items was electing a new board of directors, which oversees nominations.
The event, at the Montgomery Community Association hall, was seen as a showdown between supporters of Anders, who has won in Calgary-West five times, and lawyer Donna Kennedy-Glans, who wants to replace him as the Conservative candidate.
Anders accused Kennedy-Glans of being a disgruntled Liberal who is trying to steal the riding. She dismissed the allegation as a fear-mongering tactic, and said people want to see change.
The federal Conservative party recently decided that the only way incumbent MPs can be pushed out in their ridings is if two-thirds of constituency members vote to hold a nomination race. In the end, supporters of Kennedy-Glans swept the board elections with 27 of them elected to fill the 30 positions. One of Anders's backers was elected, while the remaining two successful candidates were on both slates.
Despite a long history of histrionics, desperate smears and blatant suppression of any and all opposition within the riding from the party apparatus, it looks like Rob may get a chance to be a full time bloated gym queen without having to be bothered with persistent questions about what he actually does for his constituents.


Mike said...

Don't be too sure. Harper and his gang rescued his bacon last time, they'll do it again if he wants to run.

I'm wondering what kind of damning video evidence of Harper and a goat he really has...

Cliff said...

The prospect of losing control of his riding association scared the hell out of him. He described a corporate oil lawyer who's been a card carrying Tory longer than he's been alive as a 'closet Liberal'. This may finally be it, but yes the Cons have betrayed all of the old Reform ideas of grassroots riding control over him in the past and may again.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for Anders' exit. Even with a unfriendly board, the party has still announced that 2/3rds of the membership in that riding has to call for a nomination race.

600 at a meeting is one thing but you are probably looking at more like 6,000 needing to call for the race.

Cliff said...

I don't know, its a right wing riding but I hear they are gettign a little tired of Anders. They aren't going to be voting Lib or NDP any time soon agreed, but given the option of having a Conservative who isn't completely nuts they may jump at it.

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