Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Question

Galloway told his New York audience he could not understand a Canadian government that would bar him, but allow George W. Bush to visit Calgary last week for a paid speech.

“Some people tried to get the Canadian government to ban him, maybe even arrest him, on the grounds that he killed a lot of people and told a lot of lies to justify it,” he said. “But of course the Canadian government would have none of that.

“I just cannot understand why Canada should want to throw away the reputation that it built over decades as being the kinder, gentler North American state.”

He said that, using Ottawa’s logic, former South African president Nelson Mandela should be banned from entering Canada.

“If you look at the banning order, it actually fits him more than it fits me,” Galloway said. “He’s actually been imprisoned for terrorist offences.”

Speaking as one of the people standing outside the Convention Center here in Calgary last week imploring the line of police to go inside and arrest the war criminal they were guarding, yeah, I've been kind of wondering that myself.

As for the Conservatives banning Nelson Mandela if they could, well considering Jason Kenney's ideological soul-mate is his fellow Calgary MP Rob Anders, you know he'd love to.

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