Saturday, March 07, 2009

When is an General Academic Boycott not a General Academic Boycott?

When it's very specifically and exclusively targeted at military and weapons research.
The motion on the Middle East affirms the right to education for Palestinians; calls for educational events on campuses; encourages research into military connections between Ontario and Israeli universities; and, where these connections exist, calls for a lobby of Ontario universities to refuse to conduct research that benefits the Israeli military. The resolution does not call for a boycott of individual Israeli academics or all Israeli academic institutions.
So those opposed to this action by CUPE Ontario could be honest and forthrightly make the case for defending weapons research or they could deliberately obfuscate, never acknowledge that the motion is very specifically about military research and imply that it's an attack on all academic freedom.

Guess which option they've almost exclusively picked.

I made this same argument over at Canadian Spades and Pearce very politely and ethically edited his post to reflect the real specificity of the actual motion. That kind of intellectual honesty and ethical blogging behavior can seem rare in the blogosphere and should be applauded when it happens.

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