Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scenes from Bush in Calgary

A warm welcome was provided for our visiting dignitary.1500 of Calgary's richest and most vacuous best and brightest were on hand to welcome George Dubya to our city at $400 a plate, no media allowed. Here we see them doing the walk of shame, the two hour line up around the block with hundreds of protesters doing our best to make sure their wait wasn't boring.
They were a fairly shameless crowd though, sneering as they shuffled past a silent witness.

Some of them actually had the gall to stand at the windows toasting protesters with flutes of champagne. This is who the song 'Eat the Rich' was about.A little after noon, my girlfriend who works in a building downtown sent me a text:
We can see snipers on
the roof of the Hyatt.
I'm being paranoid now.
Here's a blurry cellphone photo of one of the snipers on the roof of the Hyatt. He's about one pixel in this shot but other people photographed them too. Here's a relative close-up.
At least three Four protesters were arrested for trying to perform their legal duty to make a citizen's arrest of a known war criminal.
There were several hundred protesters at the peak of things and some of the highlights have made the international press. The elite may have rushed to sit at the feet of a war criminal but ordinary Calgarians stood up and said this is our city, our country.

And Bush isn't welcome in it.

UPDATE: Mom just called. No Mom, I wasn't one of the people who got arrested. Love ya Mom.

UPDATE 2: Olberman covers it!


janfromthebruce said...

Good to see such great people from Alberta standing up against war exploitation and war crimes. Good show!

Mike said...

So was Dick Evans there with his pitiful counter protest, as usual?

Cliff said...

There were a few counter protesters carrying 'Bush made the world a safer place' signs. They didn't look very convinced and were outnumbered a hundred to one by those who'd like to see George Bush led away to the Hague in chains.

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