Friday, March 13, 2009

I don't ever want Jon Stewart mad at me.

Lots of people have blogged about this of course. Here's a youtube while it lasts.
It's just a brutal, relentless mauling. Cramer is almost in tears by the end and looks like he's lost 20 pounds and aged 10 years.

Jon Stewart still likes to call himself a comedian not a journalist, but bottom line: His team are some of the best researchers and producers in the business and Jon is one of the best interviewers in the business. Yes he's passionate, snarky and has a definite point of view, some of the best journalism always has. There's nothing wrong with a journalist having a point of view if he's got the facts on his side.

Jon Stewart is a journalist, one of the very few on TV right now.

This video is only 8 minutes of relentless interrogation. There's more. Here's the whole thing uncensored at the Comedy Network. Time not wasted.


Mike said...

Its a sad indictment of the 4th Estate when a comedy show can do better research than a full time news organization.

No wonder newspapers are failing left right and centre...

Cliff said...

One thing I found interesting is that Cramer talked tough before hand. Stewart was just a 'comedian' and Cramer was going to pound him like pizza dough. And then I think he started to think about Stewart's brutal punking of Tucker Carlson, who's show was then canceled just weeks later, or the night Stewart had Chris Matthews on the show and just ridiculed his entire philosophy of life for the whole episode.

Stewart gets his dander up occasionally, and I thought his last words to Cramer that Stewart's 75 year old mother got sucked into believing the CNBC line were a fairly clear statement of why it happened this time.

Cliff said...

When he actually got to the show and sat down across from Stewart he immediately folded. He rolled over on his back and exposed his vitals in total obsequious surrender. Utter submission.

He may have hoped just to get out of the show alive, but nothing would surprise me less than his show and his position at CNBC ending in weeks if not days.

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