Saturday, September 04, 2010

Inescapable Conclusions.

Kory Teneycke appears to have dug a gigantic hole, filled it with shit and dived in nose deep.

If, as the indispensable Kady O'Malley reports, link both the identity theft of Hill journalists and the fictional characters Teneycke claimed his source admitted to signing up to the same IP address than at the very least Teneycke is an accessory after the fact to the unethical act of poll manipulation and the crime of identity theft.

Assuming of course, that his use of 'my source' doesn't here translate as 'me, on too many tequila shots' in which case it's more like eye deep.

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Brad Dillman said...

An IP address is a little like a fingerprint. The same IP address might show up attached to other posts on other servers. If any server contained a post from the same IP address, you might be able to figure out the owner by reading the post. Or not.

I think IP addresses are commonly released/renewed weekly and tend to be stable for weeks, but I'm not sure you can PROVE an IP addresses belonged to a specific PC at a specific time without a DHCP log from the ISP (which would tie the IP to a MAC address of a specific computer), which would be an invasion of privacy I expect.

But there are some pretty cleaver computer enthusiasts and professionals out there, who knows what they could find in the public domain.

For example, I think an MIT student traced Wikipedia edits to specific companies and government networks, because the IP addresses attached to the edits were public domain.

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