Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The Blogrolling app has now been deleted from my blog. It brought in a shitty advertising frame for all it's links last year and it's presence was routinely setting off virus and adware alerts for visitors. If you still have it, I recommend copying your links, disabling it and removing the javascript from your template. If you're using classic blogger hard code your blog list.

After five years with no design changes a major face-lift is coming to Rusty Idols, possibly today, possibly later this week. The current plan is to upgrade to the new blogger object template and go with a white background and black text for improved readability. Any thoughts from my readers?

UPDATE: Oh what the hell. It's my birthday. The transformation is done. Now the long slog of replacing all my blog links by hand...

1 comment:

Matthew The Astrologer said...

A face lift for your birthday. Dude... we're getting old. Me first though. :)

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