Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That strange sound echoing across the land? It's Jason Kenney grinding his teeth.

TORONTO - Former British MP George Galloway is expecting to arrive in Canada this Saturday.

The aim is to continue a speaking tour he was forced to put on hold last year.

The rabble-rousing politician was told in March 2009 he would be denied entry into Canada on the basis he supported terrorism.

A recent court decision concluded the federal government interfered in the case for political reasons.

Supporters of the anti-war activist say they are looking forward to hearing the politician speak.

They say they hope the government will no longer attempt to ban critics of its foreign policy.

Galloway had provided financial support to Hamas — a group that Canada has listed as a terrorist organization.

The Canada Border Services Agency cited his involvement in an aid convoy that delivered clothing, medical items, relief money and vehicles to the elected Hamas government.

UPDATE: "I'm coming to get you"

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