Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A life dedicated to attacking the idea of the public good.

Rick Scott, the sleazy gangster who ran a private medical corporation that defrauded the US government out of billions, teamed up with Vancouver private clinic entrepreneur Doctor Brian Day to try to save Americans from public healthcare, who made the rest of his fortune selling surveillance technology to dictatorships around the world including Iran and is now governor of Florida sets his sights on destroying public education - or at least making it a lot easier to rip off.
Conservatives have been plotting for years to blow up the public school system. Now, Florida's incoming governor Rick Scott is poised to light the fuse.
During his campaign, Scott pledged to overhaul the state's schools while simultaneously reducing school property taxes by $1.4 billion. How to accomplish both? Privatization, of course. His plan, which promotes online schooling along with other educational options, may actually pave the way for the elimination of such pesky budget busters as buses, cafeterias, teachers, and, well, school facilities themselves.

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