Thursday, December 02, 2010

Manufacturing Consent with a Starvation Diet

Stephen Duckett's wife defends him by pointing out that he was dealing with a government intentionally starving public healthcare.
“In Stephen’s first year he was expected to balance the AHS budget by finding $1.3 billion in ‘savings,’” she said.
It's part of a strategy of starving the system of money "so that healthcare becomes so inadequate that electors reluctantly accept paying additional out-of-pocket costs to get decent health care," she said.
At the same time the province throws precious health-care money at building empty hospitals and clinics to make health budgets the villian in ballooning provincial spending, said Jackson.
Alberta can afford to spend more on health-care services, she said.
“Low tax rates and low oil royalties lead to an impoverished public health-care system, which will lead to more people opting out of medicare and the downward spiral of public care."
How many insiders need to say the same thing, that this government has a deliberate and unambiguous policy of undermining public healthcare in order to promote dismantling and privatizing the system before Albertans get it?

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