Saturday, September 09, 2006

American Left actually fights back this time.

Again and again for years now we've seen the pattern; Clinton hounded by vicious attacks culminating in an impeachment for a blowjob, Kerry swift-boated and the very word 'Liberal' turned into invective. The response, to quote a great line from 'The West Wing' has been for - 'American Liberals to curl up in a corner and whimper, 'Please stop. Don't hurt me.''

From the perspective of Canada, where we have a robust and frankly dominant progressive majority and a far more civil political environment, it's been exasperating to watch.

Now, with the farcically propagandistic right-wing fantasy of ABC's The Path to 9/11 the American Left including the previously somnolent Democratic Party have risen up and said no.

No to blaming 9/11 on Clinton and giving Bush a pass. No to using 9/11 for despicable partisan gain. No to outright lies, distortions and fictions designed to impugn real people like Madeline Albright. Just... no.

Crooks and Liars is giving this the kind of coverage Fox or CNN gives run-away brides or murdered beauty pageant toddlers or even Paris Hilton. This time the Swift Boaters are being called on their lies.

The American political season has just heard it's starting pistol. Expect the invective and fury and political ads on American channels that make you want to throw stuff at the TV, to start

At least this time it looks like it won't be the one-sided bitch-slapping it's been the last few years.

Update: Gazetteer makes an excellent point about how this whole situation makes the argument for an effective arms length public broadcaster.


jacobin said...

"I've got nothing against God,
It's his fan club I can't stand"

--funny, i feel the exact same way ;)

--i love crooks and liars, and yes finally the left is fighting back

they don't have a choice, 911 happened on bush's watch, and the "neocons" are trying to keep us in fear by stating another 911 will happen again

so what has "W" done to secure the the southern border? the mexican border is wide fucking open, millions of illegals make it into the U.S each year

"W" even closed down the special forces unit to find bin laden

*osama bin laden not on the FBI's most wanted list for the 911 attacks. FBI states, not enough hard evidence (ummh....inside job?)

"W" your doing aheckuva job!

SouthernOntarioan said...

Of course, turning the word 'conservative' into a bad word is okay right?

Oh wait, that's right, its only okay when progressives lie and insult others....

Gazetteer said...

Ya, but now I'm all conflicted.....

Because how can I watch McKenna's doc. if Canadian Mydol is on at the same time?


Cliff said...

Examples SouthernOntarioan?

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