Sunday, September 17, 2006

Amnesty: Hezbollah committed war crimes

I posted when Amnesty International reported that Israel committed war crimes in the recent conflict. They promised a follow up dealing with Hezbollah's actions and I somehow missed it when it ran last week. They have concluded that Hezbollah committed repeated war crimes by deliberately targeting civilian areas with rocket attacks over the course of the war.
Hezbollah fired several thousand rockets into northern Israel, killing 43 civilians, including four who died of heart attacks.

The victims, among them seven children, included Jewish and Arab Israelis. Many other civilians were injured.

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Mike said...

Hmm where are the right-wing nutters congratulating Amnesty on this? They were so very ready to condemn them when the accused Isreal of this a few months ago.

I mean, those of us that thought Israel was wrong in this war always said the Hezbollah committed war crimes too, but still got painted as terrorist sympathizers because we said Israel comitted them too.

Now, nothing but crickets.

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