Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The news too tough for Americans

Newsweek's cover story for its international editions is a picture of an armed Jihadi and titled 'Losing Afghanistan'.

In it's stateside edition the same issue's cover is a profile of a celebrity photographer.

The American people are being treated like milk-fed veal and told no unpleasant truths that might affect their digestion - or their vote.

This is what we can expect from the American media with an election in the offing: Iraq vanished from the news, any negative stories about the Bush administration soft-pedaled, flat-out lies like 'Bush loses torture fight' and if all else fails, an October surprise that makes Bush look like a winner.

Expect some new celebrity scandal media frenzy to push the real news off the air, something involving Brad Pitt or a runaway bride maybe.

Come on Americans please snap out of it and show the rest of us you haven't really become such sheep.

Because it's later than you think.

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calgal said...

Wow, Cliff, don't know how this came to your attention, but you don't miss much. One cover for the US, one for the rest of the planet, how pathetic is that? I knew Karl was powerful, but this is incredible. Forwarding this to all my American friends, hope they kick up a fuss over it. While they still can.

And your line about 'milk fed veal'
is priceless!

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