Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bottom Line

This is what should be airing on every channel in the States leading up to the election.


calgal said...

This should indeed air, but naturally it never will. I've passed it onto my list serves - thanks for the post!

Mike Readman said...

How the hell can you say they support it? Those people who committed the torture faced charges. Very forgetful, you people.

Cliff said...

The US Congress and Senate just passed a law that guts Habeas Corpus and allows the President to define what torture is. The 'tough methods' Bush talks about that are known to have taken place include stress positions, induced hypothermia, threats to family members and, of course, waterboarding.

All of these constitute torture.

Mike said...

Man that's good. Adn that last one is the sucker punch to the gut when you think its over. Fantastic.

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