Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Devastating summation of the Bush presidency

Salon publishes the introduction to Sidney Blumenthal's book about the presidency of George W. Bush. It's clear, informed, and absolutely horrifying. This is the cap-stone for the worst presidency in American history.



Mike said...

I take it this is where our 'anon' buddy was leaving his not-quite-relevant comments, eh cliff?

Cliff said...

He really got in a lather over 'George W. Bush believes holding someone's head underwater until they think they're going to die isn't torture.' Apparently opposing torture means you are with the terrorists.

I recognized him at your place Mike, because his sanctimonious 'any post on 9/11 that disagrees with me is disrespectful' rant was virtually identical to one he tried to post here.

And again, if Anon would gather the guts to identify himslf he would be absoultely welcome to throw his poo here - but he'd prefer to hide behind anonimity and accuse others of cowardice.

Enough. Entertaining as this has been, I'm done giving it my attention I think.

Thanks for dropping by Mike, I enjoy your blog.

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