Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Olberman savages Bush

Olberman considers the Twin Towers site symbolic of the unity squandered by George Bush for partisan purposes.

Bush took a unified country and unprecedented international support and pissed it away, undermining the war on terror to fight an unnecessary war in Iraq, and making a naked attempt to use America's tragedy to grab absolute power at home.

The Bush administration and it's supporters worldwide are never more shameless and hypocritical than when they try to accuse others of using 9/11 for partisan gain.


Mike said...

Damn straight! The only thing worse than 9\11 was how the neo-con fascists used it for their own purposes instead of going after the perpetrators.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Nonsense. That goodwill wasn't sticking around past the immediacy of the situation regardless of who was in the White House and what they did after 9/11. Post-Katrina there was a short-lived show of sympathy as well, and it lasted only as long as it took for traditional anti-American kneejerks worldwide to sense the wind was dying down.

Even the "unification" idea was questionable at best: criticism of the FBI/CIA to stop the 9/11 tragedy depended on those agencies to do the kind of "racial profiling" and strict adherence to visa requirements of alien visitors that even after 9/11 is verbotten as a realistic measure.

This past week it was revealed that Edmonton City Police had arrested and charged a suspect in a elementary school molestation case, and waited 2 months before publicly releasing that information. Elian Gonzalez was seized by a SWAT team at the point of an assault rifle in his uncles home surrounded by unarmed family and a camera crew. Neither of these cases apparently needed any 9/11 precursor to "grab onto" this power, and so far we're still waiting for the actual abuse. (Hell, the "new" laws are so lax that Maher Arar still got to go free at the end!)

Cliff said...

Actually no, Maher Arar got to go free because he was innocent of any crime - unlike several of the representatives of the RCMP who dealt with his case.

I understand from your blog and your entirely unsupported position that "Arar did something. I don't know what." - actual quote folks - that your legal standard is that if they're Arabic and you think they're shifty-looking that automatically means they're guilty.

Fortunately Canadian law requires a tougher standard of proof then your bad vibes. Unfortunately several representatives of the RCMP negligently applied the standard of proof you present here, with the consequence that an innocent man was kidnapped and tortured.

A man's life has been ruined, the reputations of the RCMP and the Canadian government sullied. The Canadian people, as a result, will be on the hook to Arar and possibly three other men for justly huge settlements.

But you know, by all means continue slanderously impugning the man, because it's so representative of real conservatism to back tyranical, incompetant and ideologically spiteful big government against the innocent embattled individual.

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