Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Big Picture Week Two: THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL?

Avi Lewis's second week of brick throwing provocation (He said approvingly) on The Big Picture brings us Richard Dawkins and THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL? The film companion piece to his book The God Delusion. Its a fun polemic that starts with Resolved: Religion is the root of all Evil.


The film is a sarcastic and full throated attack on mysticism and the religious impulse and equally robust defense of the rationality of Atheism. Well, religious faith gets a whole TV network here in Canada, and an entire government south of the border, its not unreasonable to devote a couple hours on Newsworld to the alternative viewpoint.

I discussed panel guest Charles Mcvety President, Canada Christian College and the Canada Family Action Coalition here. He argues that Christians are under attack and everyone should just show more tolerance to the religious.

Mcvety first came to prominence, of course, for cyber-squatting the names of pro-gay rights Members of Parliament and redirecting web hits to his rabidly anti-gay site.

Other guests and subjects of the film argued that only the faithful can be moral or ethical because only faith in God can be a basis for morality. I address that idea here.

Another great segment of a program rapidly becoming my favorite CBC offering.

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