Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Alberta oil companies get the government they paid for

Ottawa — The federal government's new clean air plan will exempt Alberta's oil sands — alone among all sectors of heavy industry in Canada — from a requirement to cut emissions of two smog-causing pollutants.
Here in Calgary with it's presumed monolithic ideological support for the Conservatives and assumed visceral rejection of any restrictions on the behaviour of our oil industry - there's a strong sense of embarrassment from the majority.

The majority of Albertans already believe in the existence of global warming, accept that humanity is the cause and specifically accept that in Canada we in Alberta are disproportionately producing the greenhouse gasses that produce it.
Bullshit 'intensity' targets were already designed to cater to Alberta's oil and gas industry - this latest news just confirms the Conservative Alberta-centric bias to the rest of Canada.

Dion won't have to win the next election, the Cons are doing a good enough job of losing it.

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