Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tainted Fish Farms?

USDA/FDA officials revealed yesterday that the melamine contaminated wheat product behind the pet food poisonings is in fish meal sold to fish farms in the US and Canada.

The wheat flour appears to have been deliberately contaminated.
The melamine gives wheat flour the apparent nitrogen content of more costly wheat gluten - which is what the product was labeled as.
Skretting Canada, a major producer of salmon and trout feed, said in a new release Tuesday that it hadn't received any complaints related to "unusual fish health issues," but was voluntarily recalling all feed related to the shipment.
A second Vancouver-area fish meal producer, Westaqua Commodity Group Ltd., is also believed to be linked to the contamination, but wouldn't comment Tuesday.
No word which Canadian fish farms have used the meal contaminated with the product and where. Any BC based bloggers want to take a run at this?

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Mark Powell said...

Note that it's not just "farmed" salmon that have a contaminated food problem. Most so-called "wild" salmon begin life in fish farms called hatcheries. We now know that hatcheries, including one in BC, have used the contaminated food. More on blogfish.

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