Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Linkblast - May 13

  • Canada's Industrial retreat -
    The central argument for lowering even further the corporations already shamefully low share of the country's tax burden is that they will re-invest these savings into our economy. How's that working out? Well....

  • Whistling past the graveyard -
    Contrary to all observable evidence its the Democrats in trouble not the Republicans. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  • Texas Justice -
    The 14 year old white girl gets probation for burning down the family home. The 14 year old black girl gets seven years in jail for shoving a hall monitor. Same Judge.

  • Tuesday the end-game for Wolfowitz -
    Several European nations are openly threatening to remove funding if Wolfowitz stays, No Confidence means no chance.

  • Locked in her home for months -
    Then they found out the TB test was an error and she didn't need to be terrified about infecting her family or be poisoned with high dose antibiotics.

  • Zero tolerance for terrorists -
    Um, unless they attacked Cuba.

  • Iraq an Empire killer? -
    The Soviets thought Afghanistan was no big deal at first too.

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