Saturday, May 12, 2007

September means nothing.

From Daily Kos

Listen, nothing's going to change in September, no matter what the Republicans are trying to convince the media of. In September, they're gonna say "the plan needs more time to work." SSDD. And Democrats waiting for the mass defections from Republican ranks are going to be left holding the bag. Which is fine. If the GOP really wants to jump off the bridge with Bush, then so be it. Just be prepared is all I'm saying. There's no defection coming.

But what about those 11 Republicans who demonstrated their "grave unease" to Bush in a White House meeting on the Iraq debacle?

Kabuki. Pure and simple.

Did any one of those 11 back up this "grave unease" with their votes yesterday? The answer is no. All 11 voted straight party line with Bush.

"But wait," you say. "Straight party line? I thought at least that two Republicans crossed over to vote with Dems yesterday?"

Yeah, they did: Wayne Gilchrest and Walter Jones.

But they weren't invited to the White House to express their "grave unease."

No, the whole thing was a put-on, just like everything else. Nothing but a gaggle of Republican props who have been dining out on their "moderate" credentials for years, shuffled out onto the stage to put on their "maverick" show, then shipped back to their day jobs to vote no, like always.

September. Means. Nothing.

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