Sunday, May 13, 2007

Neo-liberal media enabled Neo-conservative politicians

Ask yourself this:

  • Who facilitated the environment to make torture a debatable issue?
  • Who permitted Bush administration officials to boast of the Taliban’s defeat in Afghanistan long after clear evidence showed otherwise?
  • Who allowed the Pentagon and the White House to scapegoat a few low-level grunts for the entire Abu Ghraib scandal even though documents clearly show that torture and its foundations were sanctioned at the highest levels of our government, from then Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to torture architect Alberto Gonzales to President Bush and Vice President Cheney?
  • Who focused round-the-clock coverage on the arrest of John Mark Karr and death of Anna Nicole Smith yet barely batted an eye at the Military Commissions Act, one of the most alarming anti-democratic laws in our nation’s history, which made torture permissible, whacked habeas corpus, and granted the president sole power to detain and disappear any American citizen he alone deems an “enemy combatant”?
  • Who even sat on their hands while this White House threatened their very livelihood, their basic right to report the facts, as in the case of New York Times editor Bill Keller, besieged by threats of treason and execution for breaking the story of the Bush administration’s illegal wiretapping of American citizens (despite the fact The Times had sat on the story for a year)?

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