Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Corporate America for Universal Healthcare

After years of watching the rest of the world out compete them with healthier workforces, higher productivity and drastically lower costs, some American CEOs start to see the advantages in Universal Healthcare.

As long as there were large numbers of uninsured, Burd reasoned, there would be no solution to his company’s — or the country’s — problems with affordable care. And that, he says, is when it finally dawned on him: Maybe this was a problem the company couldn’t solve on its own. If he wanted relief from employee health costs, the government would have to help.

Indeed, Mr. Burd’s corporate partners are in the same boat, seeking universal health care “not so much out of social solidarity as out of financial necessity,” Mr. Cohn said.

Of course they're still pitching some kind of Frankenstein patchwork that leaves the huge insurance and HMO gangster lobbies their obscene profits - but at least they're starting to see the point of universal coverage.


Joseph said...

Although companies supporting universal health care is great, what about the major companies that use outsourcing as a solution to finding cheap labor?

Cliff said...

Well I'm against it - contracting out at my old company was one of the main reasons I spent several months on the picket line a few years ago.

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