Thursday, May 03, 2007

The American Right explicitly abandon the rule of Law

The most important political and legal crisis in America today and only Glenn Greenwald appears to be paying attention.

The Wall St. Journal online has today published a lengthy and truly astonishing article by Harvard Government Professor Harvey Mansfield, which expressly argues that the power of the President is greater than "the rule of law."

All sorts of the most political influential people in our country -- from Dick Cheney to Richard Posner to John Yoo and The Weekly Standard -- believe and have argued for exactly this vision of government. They literally do not believe in our constitutional framework and our most defining political values. They have declared a literally endless War which, they claim, not only justifies but compels the vesting of unlimited power in the President -- "unlimited" by Congress, the courts, American public opinion and the rule of law.

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Mentarch said...

I happened to write about this during the last 4 days or so:

Caesar crosses the Rubicon: the sequel?;

Whither goest thou, America?;

and Ten steps into Hell and death of Democracy.

And yes - Greenwald is very much on this, as well as DailyKos, Carpetbager and Crooks&Liars, among others ...

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