Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Calgary Municipal Election: Aftermath

The results.

Looks like I was wrong, Madeline King wasn't as safe as I thought. On the down side, it looks like we're getting Conservative Party insider John Mar in Ward 8. On the plus side we aren't getting far right candidate Steve Chapman, who I snarled at quite churlishly when he visited my building yesterday (I was in a bad mood.) For Mayor, Bronco won by a commanding 60% as Alnoor's huge war chest gave him only a distant second place.

Craig 'unions should lose the right to go on strike' Burrows lost his seat in Ward 6, but Helen Larocque, the most union friendly councilor couldn't get past the narrative that she was unfriendly and unresponsive to her constituents and lost in Ward 3. How much of that was true and how much was the creation of the PGIB folks running some of the community associations is an open question.

Bob Hawkesworth retained the well deserved overwhelming support of his constituents in Ward 4 with no competition from the wild-eyed Internet troll running against him.

One of the most pleasant outcomes of the night was progressive candidate Brian Pincott's decisive win. We were part of the Calgary NDP class of '04's provincial election squad together. There's no doubt in my mind that the people of Ward 11 have elected one of the most serious, hard working and environmentally committed Councilors this city has ever seen.

So all in all, a night that could have been better, but sure as hell could have been worse.

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