Saturday, October 27, 2007

Try it

In order to carry tasers, most municipalities require police officers to experience being zapped with one themselves first.

The instinctive response one has when you hear this for the first time is 'yeah, that seems fair.' If it's so harmless and non-lethal a method of restraint, those using it should experience it first. To really be fair, it should perhaps be done after a five mile run or other extreme exercise to really match the likely condition of any suspect it would be used on in the line of duty.

By this logic then, any candidate for the US presidency not willing to commit to forbidding the practice of water-boarding, not willing to denounce it as torture and say unequivocally that it will not be used on his or her watch, should be strapped to a board and with wet towels or tanks of icy water repeatedly be brought to the point of drowning.

Seems only fair.

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