Monday, October 15, 2007

Calgary Municipal Election: Polling Day arrives

The day has arrived. I'm working an evening shift tonight and I'll be getting out the door a little earlier today so that I can hit my polling station on the way to work. Find out where yours is by inputting your address here.

Ultimately decided to vote for Lindsey Luhnau in my ward as Mar and Chapman will probably split the conservative vote and hopefully neither are a risk of winning. Madeline King is vaguely progressive, barring a tendency to NIMBYism, but hard to get excited about.

For Mayor there's certainly worse options than Bronco but the word seems to have gotten out about Alnoor's shifty past and record as a gouging landlord so I don't think I'm risking him by picking somebody like Jeremy Zhao or Elizabeth Fielding both of whom certainly seem to have their hearts in the right place.

I miss Jimmy 'the con' Carleton. Former felon, father of dozens of children, perennial mayoral candidate and poverty advocate. There was somebody you could get enthusiastic about voting for. His last kick at the mayoral can he got more votes than some of the serious sitting council member candidates. Of course Jimmy was always serious about running, if not necessarily about winning.

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