Monday, October 08, 2007

Nicaragua: 'Pro-Life' law kills 82 women and counting

Those who only remember the Sandinistas as the secular leftist guerrillas of the 80's will be disappointed to learn that they've formed common cause with the most repressive and reactionary forces in Nicaragua. President Ortega made alliances with far right politicians to escape charges of raping his step-daughter and he made alliances with the Catholic church by banning abortion even in cases of rape. Or incest.

Or even the health of the mother.

82 women have died because of hospital refusals to treat women with ectopic pregnancies or other obstetric conditions that might require terminating a pregnancy. Doctors are scared even though the law theoretically has medical exceptions.

As in North America, the Pro Life movement angrily denies that there is ever a need for therapeutic abortion.

This is the stark ultimate truth of the 'Pro-Life' movement all over the world: Getting their way is all that matters no matter how many women have to die in bloody agony. Because their ideology denies the existence of these women. Medically necessary abortions don't exist.

Therefore presumably these 82 women don't exist, or at least, never did.

Like María de Jesús González, who was refused treatment despite the fact that her ectopic pregnancy could end only in agonizing death. And did.

And the same people denying the legitimacy of therapeutic abortion would still be doing so with ten times as many victims.

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