Friday, October 12, 2007

A relevant quote

A line to remember in the coming weeks and months:
”It’s not the responsibility of the Official Opposition to support the entire program of the government. Two-thirds of Canadians did not vote for this government. The Liberal party can’t expect to walk in and simply propose its own program that only one-third of Canadians supported and expect that everybody’s going to vote for it.”
Stephen Harper - Oct. 5, 2004.


Canajun said...

Should be required reading for every opposition member in the house.

Cliff said...

Plus, while only a third of voters supported Martin's minority, another third voted to the left of it. Harper's shakey third of the electorate is offset by two-thirds of Canadians who voted center left to socialist.

If anything, Harper's program has even less legitimacy than Martin's timid half assed progressiveness as the majority of Canadians would have supported Mr Dithers going even further to the left than he wanted to.

And Harper's shakey minority win was largely predicated on dragging the Conservatives to the center and renouncing and supressing the party's more stridently right wing leanings.

Harper suggesting he has a mandate now for an aggressively conservative government is beyond absurd.

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