Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ezra Levant's vicious antisemitism

But...but... Levant is Jewish! How could he possibly be antisemitic?

Arabs are Semites too, and by now Ezra's hatred and fear for Arabs is unambiguous.

Exhibit A: Neither Ezra nor his thankfully defunct magazine have ever apologized for the months of drooling hatred directed against Maher Arar and his family, in fact their only response to the conclusion the government panel eventually reached, that Arar had been horrifically wronged, was to rail against the settlement he received.

Exhibit B: We just had a tragic school bus accident here in Calgary, a child died. To Ezra, the most important part of the story is that the driver might have been Muslim and might have been wearing a Muslim head scarf. Using a child's death to engage in shameless bigoted pandering is literally unforgivable.

Exhibit C: Levant is still proud of his decision to print hateful and bigoted anti-Muslim cartoons.

Exhibits D through Infinity: If anyone used the kind of vicious rhetoric and inflammatory language for the Jewish people that Ezra uses for Muslims he would quite rightly decry it as antisemitism. In fact, just engaging in even mild criticism of the state of Israel or the political philosophy of Zionism is antisemitism according to Ezra - so how can his much more hateful rhetoric for Muslims not be?

Call it Islamophobia or antisemitism - either way Levant's rhetoric about Muslims easily fits the definition of hate speech.

UPDATE: As noted below in comments, The Sun appears to have belatedly discovered basic human decency and pulled the Levant piece blaming the bus crash on Islam.

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lilith attack said...

I tried to post here earlier, but it didn't pan out. Anyway, wanted to let you and your's know that my partner was informed yesterday after a reactive phone call to the Sun that Ezra won't be published in The Calgary Sun again.
Good news (I'll believe when I see it) but unfortunately the Sun isn't taking accountability for the publication of his article, it's since been removed from the Sun's online edition.

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