Sunday, October 07, 2007

The next huge Republican scandal

Allegations against Republicans and Democrats in Alabama, but the US Attorney, wife of a Karl Rove crony chooses to exclusively target the Democratic Governor. She resists attempts to take her off the case until she's told outright to do so - but her recusal papers can't be found and she's still fighting any attempt to see over 500 pages of files about the case.

This is both a new and egregiously grotesque story of abuse of power while also being a continuation of the ongoing scandal of the Bush White House's politicization of the Justice Department. The Alabama media has been almost disgustingly sycophantic to the US Attorney's office but the national media has now taken notice of what's happening.

Time Magazine has just done a piece on the story. This will be the US political news cycle this coming week, and probably the next as well.

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