Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dion should write to Charles Atlas...

...because Harper just kicked sand in his face.


Scott Tribe said...

Oh brother... I'd think you were a Con supporter if I hadn't read your blog before.

So Harper pulls out some bravado and bluster - big deal.

Cliff said...

Hey I'm no fan of the sand kickers of the world, but if the Libs don't want to be the kickees, they need to do something about it.

Tell me, do you chide Lib bloggers for taking cheap shots against the NDP? How many Lib blogs have that insipid 'Thanks Jack' sidebar - as if it were the NDP propping up the Cons or about to. As if it was the NDP's fault that Martin refused to make a simple commitment to defend public health care.

As I've stated, I frankly expect Dion to buckle under and find some way to avoid an election. This may seem to be a smart decision tactically and in the short term - but long term the Grits are dying the death of a thousand cuts. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun to watch.

I'm not fond of Harper or the Conservatives, but that doesn't make me a fan of your party, and 'vote for us because the other guys are scary' just won't cut it anymore.

Understand, my argument that there's no real differences between the Conservatives and the Liberals, it's not a pretense. It's not a pose, and it's not something Libs should be rolling their eyes at and ignoring - because it's not a view isolated to me and a few other cranky dippers.

The Liberal Party has completely bought into the third way neo-liberal crap that has been shoved down all our throats. That has starved our infrastructure, widened the gap between the rich and poor and accelerated the distribution of wealth upwards. A platform of 'more of the same, but nicer is a bad joke.

Remember anti-scab? I do. Remember who allowed Canada's signing on to Kyoto become an embarrassing joke as our emissions rose faster than ever? I do. Remember who got us into Afghanistan in the first place? I do. And I'm certainly not the only one who does.

Would I prefer a Lib minority to a Con minority? Sure. But I'd prefer another Con minority to another Lib majority where every promise is forgotten except the ones made to Bay Street.

I'm not a Liberal or a liberal. I'm a New Democrat and a social democrat, and frankly and honestly I'm enjoying watching the Liberal party's downward spiral right now, because the party deserves it.

With the identity politics issues used up and Dion describing himself in interviews as an 'economic right-winger', with Liberal campaigns to the left invariably followed by Liberal majorities governing to the right what possible incentive would I have to want him to win one?

lance said...

Scott, I believe you just got taken to the cleaners.


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