Monday, June 11, 2007

Back from Saskatchewan

I'm back from my weekend away - it was the 65th wedding anniversary of my girlfriend's Baba and Gedo. We were in the small but quite charming town of Ituna Saskatchewan, which had about 30 yard sales going the day we arrived and is holding their first annual polka festival at the end of the month. I'm sorry we missed it, I can't get enough oom pah pah.

A great time was had by all, with lovely people, some of whom I had met some that I was meeting for the first time. There was a lot of great food and drink, sun, conversation and fireside late night singing from the family's pro quality songstress Samara Yung. You'll hear the name again, she's going to be big.

We're back in Calgary now, we've spent almost 24 hours since Friday on Greyhound buses and are still a little fragile. Back to work tomorrow.

While I was gone, the world kept turning. The courts stepped into the void left by government irresponsibility both in Canada and the States. Harper's rigid control over the Canadian conservative coalition and the Conservative caucus continued to unravel and self described economic right winger Stephane Dion continued to tap dance away from the previously sacrosanct 2009 deadline in Afghanistan that the Lieberals piously beat Dippers over the head with.

Oh and there may be standing puddles of water out in the open on Mars. Holy crap.

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