Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Locked in a toy factory

Who has the real power in today's China?

In other news, I'm home sick with a sinus headache (The weather here in Calgary has been bouncing back and forth between massive storm fronts and suffocating summer heat for weeks - hail the size of marbles yesterday.) that puts me in a mood similar to a grizzly bear with a thorn in his paw.

A good mood for blogging. I'll probably be adding increasingly unhinged entries all day.

I'll also be playing with Scribefire, a Firefox add-on that lets you post to and edit your blog in a sub window. I installed it a month ago, played with it briefly and haven't used it since. With Firefox's tab function it's kind of a redundant tool and it doesn't let you add blogger labels on the fly.

I'll see if it grows on me today.

UPDATE 11:15 am: Nope. Still a clever idea that annoys the piss out of me in practice. Bye bye Scribefire.

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