Monday, June 18, 2007

Doctor Who returns!

Starting in less than three hours, CBC brings back the relaunched Doctor Who for his third season of science fiction adventure.
The longest running Science Fiction show ever, the original run of the series lasted almost thirty years. The clever science fiction explanation that the alien hero could cheat imminent death by 'regenerating' and changing every cell in his body allowed multiple actors to play the role while keeping all it's long rich history.

The relaunch two years ago accomplished the almost impossible task of pleasing both old school fans of the original series run and new-comers who had never encountered the Doctor or his mysterious blue box before.

I confess, I'm catching the BBC run and I'm already ten episodes into the season just starting on CBC tonight. Don't look at me like that, I'll also be watching it on CBC and buying the DVDs - I already have season 1 and 2 - so I don't feel particularly guilty for my lack of patience.

All you need to know is that this is in some ways the strongest season yet, Freema Ageyman is no replacement for Rose Tyler and wisely doesn't try to be, giving us with Martha Jones a worthy companion for The Doctor. Played with note perfect understanding of the character, David Tennant presents the first serious competition to Tom Baker's position as the most archetypal Doctor.

The premiere tonight is a killer piece of grand scale Science fiction, there are some great episodes in the weeks ahead particularly, spoiler warning of course - really, fair warning, the return of a character on the same scale of pay-off for the long time fans as last season's episode featuring Sarah Jane and K-9. Another gift to the old school fans in a story that will grip people who have no idea how big a deal it is to the history of the show.

Enjoy some great SF designed to appeal to both kids and adults.


Matthew The Astrologer said...

Old Nerds (like me) everywhere... rejoice!

Geek Mythology said...

I can't blame you for watching the episodes before they are aired in Canada, but at the same time I wish it was only just starting again over in the UK.

I really want to know what happens next week, but then it will be all over again until christmas!!!!


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