Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Some people saw what was coming

It's February 2003 with the shock and awe just weeks away and Janeane Garofalo faces off with a Fox News rodeo clown masquerading as a journalist. She knows what she's walking into but makes a game attempt to be a voice of simple reason from a member of the reality based community.

Four years on it's useful to remember the droning swamp of misinformation and propaganda the American media was then - and still is today. The way the Americans were suckered into war with actual suppression of information. The simple facts that the rest of the world was hearing that weren't even reported on CNN or the other major networks much less on Fox.

It's useful to remember the seething hatred directed at any voice that spoke in opposition and against any American who dug deeper and pointed out the facts being ignored. Remember the White House Press Secretary saying people had to 'watch what they said.'?

In light of what we know now, about this White House's utter contempt for the constitution, the rule of law and basic human decency this was an early and telling slip of the mask.

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