Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Byelection night

The Conservatives took Drumheller in a runaway blow-out. The polls in Calgary Elbow, my riding's next door neighbor, are currently trending Liberal with Craig Cheffins maintaining a small but constant lead over Brian Heninger as I write this. Thanks Eugene for the poll update site - it's crack for a politics junkie.

A Tory loss in Elbow would embolden a lot more people to turn on them. It would also highlight the urban/rural split beginning to become the signature paradigm of the Stelmach years.

Update: 9:53 PM, with 75 of 77 ridings reporting and Cheffins beating Heninger by 45 polls to 30 and by almost a thousand votes - I'll call it if nobody else will.

Kevin Taft is a very happy man tonight.

Update 2: The Toronto Star piles on.

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Matthew The Astrologer said...

Politically, the Calgary win makes perfect sense. Psychologically, however, it's interesting to note the reactions of a lot of the local media. They're acting like a UFO just landed...

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