Saturday, June 02, 2007

What the hell does Rob have on Steve?

Keeping the most wing-nut elements of the base happy only goes so far to explain the grotesque and herculean efforts, going against every scintilla of the old Reform Party grass-roots rhetoric, that the Conservatives have gone to in an effort to save Rob Anders.

Considering how rigidly Harper has muzzled the Tory caucus's lunatic fringe, why the public display of crazed authoritarian vote rigging to save their king? Does Anders have Polaroids of Harper tongue kissing a bust of Pierre Trudeau?

Hat tip to Buckdog

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Joshua Kubinec said...

Look at his laundry list of organizations he belongs to / supports:

-The US Republican Party
-Canadians Against Forced Unionism
-The National Citizens' Coalition
-The Fraser Institute
-The Alberta Taxpayer's Federation
-The Progressive Group for Independent Business
-The Canadian Property Rights Research Institute
-The National Firearms Association
-Responsible Firearms Association
-National Right to Work Committee
-Focus on the Family
-The Canada Family Action Coalition

I can see why Harper wants him to stay. His links to the Republican Party in the US are probably an invaluable asset for him.

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