Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday morning

So our trip last weekend and the 24 hours of Greyhound travel it entailed finally caught up with me about Thursday and I've only been up to working and sleeping for a few days. I've caught up on some sleep and I should be back to spitting vitriol on this blog soon - the snark is guttering not blown out.

I'm probably going to start indulging in my cultural review vice to Holmes like, retain my interest. You'll see the occasional movie and book review from my own odd perspective. I'll probably activate AdSense too, on a trial basis. I've ignored it hitherto, but I'll give it a shot and if it annoys me I'll cancel it.

Some of you only come here for the withering sarcasm directed at any and every political figure who does something to make me snarl. This will of course continue as long as stupid people come to positions of power, IE: forever.

I need coffee now. In prodigious amounts.

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