Monday, June 11, 2007

Tory youth abandon the Tories

Holy crap.
Dissatisfaction within the party is starting to spill into the public. The entire nine-member executive of the Tories' youth wing recently resigned over Mr. Stelmach's policies. "PC Alberta will continue its slow death march, to the beat of a rural drum and tired, stale policies," outgoing president David McColl wrote in a letter to a Calgary newspaper.
The signs of a Tory apocalypse coming continue to mount up as the Alberta Progressive Conservatives are abandoned by their own youth wing. The Alberta Social Credit Party youth wing was probably looking a little anemic by 1969 too.


Stephen said...

Darn. Upon reading the title I was hoping it was in reference to the federal Tories.

The JF said...

Likewise Stephen, but they don't even have a Tory Youth at the federal level!

I wish the Tories would just splinter up again and reform the federal Progressive Conservatives. I can at least stomach Red Tories.

Cliff said...

They have. They're called the Green Party now.

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