Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Iraq parliament takes another step towards kicking out Americans

Following a surprise vote for a legislative petition calling for the Americans to leave last month, the Iraq parliament has now taken yet another step towards making America's decision for them.

The parliament today passed a binding resolution that will guarantee lawmakers an opportunity to block the extension of the UN mandate under which coalition troops now remain in Iraq when it comes up for renewal in December. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose cabinet is dominated by Iraqi separatists, may veto the measure.

The law requires that any future extensions of the mandate, which have previously been made by Iraq's Prime Minister, be approved by the parliament. It is an enormous development; lawmakers reached in Baghdad today said that they do in fact plan on blocking the extension of the coalition's mandate when it comes up for renewal six months from now.

The American people don't want American troops there, the Iraqi people don't want American troops there - Hell, at this point the troops certainly don't want to be there... Who besides Bush and Cheney, who are now talking openly about a long-term occupation measured in decades, still want to be there?

Will the Americans allow their puppet government vote away the occupation? Will they actually leave if told to?

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