Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Desperate smears from a desperate smear of a man

Jason Cherniak apparently wasn't content with his shoddy, defamatory and factually false attacks on Stacy Douglas - now he labours to draw a connection between the NDP and the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The best dirt he can come up with is that Jack Layton, a politician, was not openly rude with 9/11 Truth Movement members when they approached him on camera and Libby Davies once read a petition to the House of Parliament from them. Even the Western Standard (!) dismisses this as the kind of thing all MPs do: serving their constituents by reading petitions into the record that they don't agree with.

He has a grab-bag of other factoids that he's throwing at the wall in the hope that they will stick: an NDP candidate once appeared on a radio show with people with odd beliefs, another is affiliated with a group that describes terrorism as a distraction - and you don't have to believe the 9/11 truthers to believe that.

No, the real story here is that a prominent Liberal blogger repeatedly proven to be a sleazy compulsive liar is desperately afraid of the NDP - NANOS today puts the Liberal Party in fourth place in Quebec - and will engage in the tackiest most desperate stretching of the truth to try to smear them. Because he's incapable of actually debating the NDP about policies and issues he resorts to meaningless distraction.

It's all he's got.

UPDATE: Liberal candidate Lesley Hughes on the other hand is actually on the record peddling a variation of the contemptible 'The Jews were warned to get out of the towers before 9/11' twaddle.

Kind of puts things in perspective.

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Mike said...


I said the same thing on his blog in a comment on that post earlier today. I said it politely and without swearing and I mentioned that the Liberals would also be 4th in BC. Of course he has yet to publish it, and I except he won't because he's a coward.

It is all he's got. He can't explain, mush less defend the Green Shift and he is lashing out at the party that is rising - the NDP.

And its fear. As a loyal Dionista and apparachik, he knows he will not survive the purge come November.

Pitiful man. And now he has jumped the shark again....

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