Sunday, September 28, 2008

Voices of the Smeared

I've addressed Jason Cherniak's contemptible smear jobs multiple times in the last few weeks, from an outraged post right after he defamed Stacy Douglas to several follow-ups as he continued his sleazy ways; basically since I don't support efforts to ban him, from Progressive Bloggers for instance, because I'm not comfortable with a blog aggregater having the ability to ban anyone the only other alternative is to stand up, point at him and repeatedly shout "Lying pussbag over here!" at the top of my lungs.

In the back and forth of many other bloggers also calling douchebag on Jason's behaviour, ultimately leading to the Liberals being the only party to actually lose a candidate as an ultimate result of Cherniak's sleazy character assassination attempts, two voices were not heard from.

Stacy Douglas reluctantly bowed out of the race to pursue her PhD in the UK, only to have Jason slimily insinuate that she was fired as a candidate because of her criticisms of Israel, with the unambiguous implication that she was antisemitic. She responds to the campaign of disinformation and defamation started by Brian Henry and continued by Jason Cherniak here. Her replacement for the candidacy in Scarborough-Agincourt Simon Dougherty gets his say here.

To date Cherniak has still failed to correct or replace his factually bereft libelous post.

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