Monday, September 08, 2008

"Majority? What is this majority you speak of?"

Any other party would be touting new polls suggesting they are within striking distance of a majority to the sky. Conservatives can't run away from the word fast enough.
QUEBEC -- You won't find Conservative Leader Stephen Harper using the M-word during the federal election campaign if he can help it. That's M as in majority government - a phrase the Tories want to prevent from taking root in voters' minds.
Remember last election, when the press started reporting the real possibility of a Conservative majority in the final few weeks and their numbers immediately tanked?

They know that if the Canadian people actually believe an unchallenged Conservative Majority Government is a realistic option this time their poll numbers will head south again immediately. Watch for it in the next few weeks. And watch for the traditional attempt by the Liberals to poach NDP support with a surge of fear mongering.

We're running against the government, the Liberals will be running against the NDP - and the Greens. Elizabeth May is about to learn what getting between Liberals and power means, she'll be dazedly brushing off the boot prints from her back and wondering what happened to her 'understanding' with Dion.

And the Canadian people know what they could expect from a Conservative government with no limits on their power. There's no hidden agenda, its right out there in the open.

UPDATE: Told ya.

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