Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving

More Palin revelations, this new revelation every few hours public devouring is nuking the McCain campaign. He had a shot with this insane gamble if the campaign controlled the release of information and set the storyline in stone early enough. This did not happen.

I literally wonder what new revelations will come out before I wake up in, yikes, 6 1/2 hours.

No doubt about it. This gave him back the evangelicals which he needed - but he needs the independents too, they had pretty much decided on Obama anyway, and right now they're recoiling from the freakshow.

Today they're hearing about the mother of an unwed pregnant teen who opposes sex education, and slashed the paltry budget of a program that helped homeless teenage moms.

And about John McCain making his first executive decision with less than a week of vetting.

And they're hearing about, and seeing video proving Palin's links to the Alaska Independence Party - literally, the PQ of Alaska, except far right wing and openly theocratic.

Of course don't forget the new principal of public life established in this campaign season: A candidate is responsible for what is said in the pulpit of the church they are attending. In Palin's case that message is that terrorism in Israel is God's punishment on Jews for not accepting Jesus.

Any question of how enthusiastically Hillary would campaign on Obama's behalf can I think, be put to rest; If you thought Obama pissed her off, I think watching the Republicans cynically present this empty pantsuit as an alternative to her...

She's going to do that chilly little smile that means she's setting you on fire in her head.

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