Thursday, September 18, 2008

Keep that smear alive Jason

You can always tell how worried Jason Cherniak is getting about the NDP; just index it to how hysterical and dishonorable his smear attacks get.

Like disingenuously implying a parody clearly written for adults, albeit giggly and patchouli reeking adults, constitutes an NDP candidate telling children to 'dope up'. It's humorless gotcha crap with no real gotcha to it. And the cognitive dissonance on display, of linking to pages that directly refute his premise is really quite astounding.

Or there's today's two minute hate passionately denouncing an NDP candidate in Scarborough-Agincourt for, horrors, disagreeing with Jason about whether Canada should attend a UN human rights conference. One little problem: the 'candidate' Cherniak has fastened on with a terrible slavering joy, isn't. A candidate that is.

Cherniak was advised hours ago that the Stacy Douglas he writes about is not the NDP candidate in the riding of Scarborough-Agincourt. He eventually updated his post, sulkily asserting his belief in the premise of guilty until proven innocent.
One of my commenters suggests that somebody else was acclaimed for this riding last night. However, the Jewish Tribune wrote about Ms. Douglas' candidacy on September 3. If anybody can point me to a determinative source, I will correct the record (whatever that correction might be).
So having been advised that he has posted an untruth, having subsequently been advised in his own moderated comments section that the Elections Canada website confirms that it is an untruth...

As of 10:25 PM MST the post is still up.

No correction other than a demand that someone prove he has committed an act of partisan libel before he will correct the record. Funny, I've always believed that the burden of getting your facts right was on the writer.

If its a choice between bloodthirsty humorless partisanship or basic concepts like honesty and simple decency, Mr Cherniak is at the very least, consistent.

UPDATE: 11:35 PM MST - The post is unchanged. Jason Cherniak still knowingly has a provably false smear attack on the NDP featured on his blog. At best demonstrating a cavilier disregard for correcting the record.

UPDATE: Midnight, MST - Cherniak approved a comment on his comment moderated blog at 10:25 Central time stating that the Elections Canada website confirms his story is false. It has now been two and a half hours at a minimum that he has known that he posted a falsehood.

Still there. No correction. No apology.

UPDATE: It's now 7:15 AM MST Friday Morning - Jason Cherniak still has not corrected a smear he knows to be untrue. Any and all future posts he does about the NDP should be considered within the context of what this incident has shown us about his nonexistent credibility, irresponsibility and contempt for basic standards of honesty.

Final UPDATE 9:30 AM MST: Jason finally concedes that there's 'evidence' that Douglas is not the NDP candidate for Scarborough-Agincourt. Actually Jason an Elections Canada page showing that someone else is the candidate isn't 'evidence', the technical word for that is actually proof. A lawyer should probably understand the difference.

He goes on to insist that there is 'evidence' that Douglas was the candidate, with the implication that she was fired by the party for 'anti-Israel' views. He provides no further evidence for either of these statements - presumably still clinging to the Jewish Tribune article by Brian Henry.

Five minutes work with 'teh google' reveals that Mr Henry has a hardcore axe to grind and never met an anti-NDP slur he didn't cherish. Isn't that sweet, Jason found a soul mate.

OK, one more UPDATE, but only because the best way to not get past Jason's comment moderation is to catch him in an embarressing mistake. In his comments for the updated hit piece Firebrand asks what evidence Jason has that the NDP 'fired' Stacy Douglas:

So I read the details. The only letter from Stacy Douglas referenced in Jason's hit piece linked by his oh-so unimpeachable source Dust My Broom is dated March 5. Now as I measure time that actually constitutes months ago not weeks - over seven months ago in fact. I helpfully pointed this out to Jason in a comment.

As of yet, that comment appears to be 'pending approval'.

Doctor Dawg sums it up. Cherniak has crossed the line. His contempt for the truth and assumption that criticizing Israel should forever bar someone from public life crosses the line of acceptable discourse.


Firebrand said...

See my latest comment here

Turns out Douglas wasn't "fired" - she's not running because she's not in the country!

Simon said...

For my comments on this matter, please visit:

Simon Dougherty
NDP Candidate for Scarborough—Agincourt

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