Monday, September 01, 2008

Pregnant Pause

So right off the bat lets put the it's really her daughter's kid and Sarah Palin is really the grandmother theory aside. I find it unlikely and counterproductive and reveling in it is the kind of tackiness that will make people choose sides and they won't pick the lefty websites ranting about fake pregnancies and bizarre conspiracy theories.

I don't buy it, I've known women who hardly showed at all until the very end and I think this whole thing is seriously going to backlash on Kos.

But the fact that the teenage daughter of a supporter of abstinence only sex education who opposes any education about birth control methods is now pregnant is relevant. The fact that Sarah Palin opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest - which basically means she supports the right of a rapist to pick the mother of his child - is relevant.

Skip the conspiracy theories folks, there's enough unambiguous facts to bring Palin's judgment into question without them.

Update: Settled.


Saskboy said...

Yeah, this might (sadly) turn into THE election issue in the States, and probably will based on how vapid the media is there. They'll latch on because it's something any American family can experience, and it will put an innocent girl and babies, in the middle of it all, because Sarah doesn't believe in teaching children about reproduction.

Mike said...

Well said Cliff.. bang on.

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